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iOS 10: The Best Apps to Download on the iMessage App Store

As the iMessage app store becomes an ever growing presence, within in-message apps becoming the latest avenue developers are following, Puzzle have collated the 10 best apps in the iMessage app store.

Apple’s release of iOS 10, iMessage has been centre-point of the update, creating its very own App Store. iMessage users there have the ability to download a range of apps and games, many that are bespoke to the iMessage app store, such as stickers, but also other apps that have been incorporated into the messaging system. It comes, as many messaging apps bid to retain their users by creating apps that encumber a range of features that restrict the need for users to leave the app.

In light of this, we’ve created this list that contains the best iMessage apps in the App Store, in no particular order…

Four in a Row

Probably one of the most iconic games out there, Connect Four is a classic. A multitude of replicas have been made across all platforms, but within iMessage this is the first. Identical to the original, players take it in turns to place four counters in a row stretching straight and diagonally.

Download here

Words With Friends

Such a simple game, but this game made a dent that no one could have predicted. Transfixing users for a time before, inevitably, dying down. But being one of the first games to make the transition from stand-alone app to an im-message game has seen a rejuvenation. With the game. Not needing to be signed into Facebook is probably the nicest touch, players can play with ease as they compete to be the leading wordsmith.

Download here

Words with Friends - iMessage App Store Game


CityMapper has become a staple to all those in the city. For all those who use it, they’ll admit themselves, that it is one of the most useful apps out there, getting each and every user from A to B with complete ease, showing users a multitude of different routes to get to their destination and the price it will cost. Incorporated into the iMessage app store, users can send their exact location to their friends, from then the recipient can click on the map to receive live, up-to-date routes to get to that location. The information sent to the user shows all possible routes, via public transport, cycling and Boris Bikes. A great app!

Download here


The use of language within messages is often being replaced by images, memes and GIFS. Sending GIFS used to be testing procedure, but with Tenor it’s been made easy. Users can download the app from the iMessage app store and start sending. Not only this, users can also use the keyword search to send the right GIF… they’re GIFS that keen on giving.

Download here

Words with Friends - iMessage App Store Game

MsgMe TicTacToe

Another classic game that is the ultimate quick fix. This one needs no explanation, but can consume hours of the day playing with your friends…

Download here

MsgMe Tictactoe - iMessage App Store iOS 10

Circle Pay

Circle Pay is one of the easiest ways to send money, and all through the iMessage app. Users are invited to take a photo of their card, from which the app stores the details. From there you can freely send money to another iMessage user with the app and minimise the costs of currency exchange.

Download here

circle pay - iOS10 iMessage App Store


Private is an app that allows you to send a text or a picture that will disappear after a specified time. A great app that makes sending personal information such as passwords, bank details and other private information that you’d rather not be left lying around. The only snag, the user can choose to save the message if they choose…

Download here

Private iMessage app

I’m In – Event Planner

Event planning in a group conversation is no easy feat. ‘I’m In’ makes things easy… Users can make events easily, with specific dates, custom cover photo and send invites to all members of the group conversation. The best feature of the iMessage app comes after the invites have gone out, integrating the event into everyone’s devices calendar.

Download here

I'm In - Event Planner for iMessage

Super Mario Run Stickers

One of the most iconic arcade games ever created has been brought to the iMessage app store, Super Mario. With stickers, users can alter and adapt photos with some of the imagery seen in the classic game. Stickers have been a big hit within the iMessage app store and this sticker pack will no doubt live long within the sticker charts.

Download here

Super Mario Stickers

Grammar Snob

This sticker app is useful to that one person in the group conversation who is always willing to correct people’s grammar. The app contains many of the common mistakes made by people are presented in a teacher style correction format. An annoyance to many, but to few this presents a not-to-be-missed opportunity.

Download here

Grammar Snob - iMessage iOS10
Feature Image Credit: iMore