Brand Engagement: The Best Football Teams to Follow on Snapchat

Snapchat has become much more than an image sending platform. Brands are taking to Snapchat to raise brand awareness and create increased engagement.

Snapchat has continued to grow from its original picture sending fundamentals. Nowadays users are able to follow celebrities, athletes and Snapchat personalities, as well as friends and family. The app has developed itself effectively, into it’s own social network in which users are now able to send photos, videos, follow the news, as well as using filters, drawing and editing features.

With its growth, brands and celebrities have subsequently begun using Snapchat as a means of marketing themselves, allowing followers to see insights into day-to-day goings on and offer genuinely exclusive content.

Sports teams, in particular, have begun using Snapchat as a way of engaging fans across the world, offering footage that to many is inaccessible. In light of this, Puzzle London Sport have collated the best football teams to follow on Snapchat: