Connecting stadiums, creating an enhanced experience

Wembley is one of the most iconic stadiums in the world, home not only to English Football but to a range of unique events such as NFL, International Rugby & Concerts from the likes of Beyonce & Ed Sheeran. Puzzle were able to deliver EE and Wembley Stadium with one of the most innovative and high-tech tour experiences to date, bringing together mobile technology and history to create something truly unique.


EE & Wembley wanted to create a truly connected stadium, with the fundamentals of a traditional stadium tour, but with the innovation of mobile technologies. The app uses Beacons throughout the stadium tour that allows content to be accessed and shown when within range as well as NFC to unlock content. Users are able to become immersed within the tour and are shown a world within a device through AR.

EE & Wembley App Visual

On arrival participants are given an EE Harrier Android handset with the unique app installed. Throughout the tour, the guide has the ability to push content to the viewers. The app allows tour participants to view a wide range of content including highlights of historic goals scored and games played in the stadium. Videos are visualised in a 360 degree format allowing users to capture and relive fascinating moments such as highlights from England vs France 2015 football match to Ed Sheeran’s music performance. Throughout the tour, users are able to look back at compelling events that have taken place within the stadium with a unique user experience, as well as take part in the traditional style tour of the iconic stadium.

EE & Wembley App Visual














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