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Formula E is Changing Audience Engagement and Interaction

Formula E is the latest craze in the motorsport world, and through its sponsorship deal and increased fan engagement, it’s one to watch.

The most innovative perception of fan engagement is taking place in Formula E.

Formula E, the all-electric racing car competition, has become the talk of the town in the motor-racing world. In its third season of racing Formula E has risen and attracted attention from all over the world; 13 ex-Formula 1 drivers such as Sebastien Buemi, Karun Chandhok and Lucas Di Grassi have made the transition to Formula E. Car manufacturers such as Renault and Audi have also invested and formed teams as well as Hollywood actor Leonardo Di Caprio who has shown his support by co-founding Team Venturi.

It’s been a pioneer not only with its ambitions to rival Formula 1, but with interacting and engaging with fans. The racing takes place in some of the most unique race tracks in the world, with competitive racing tracks being constructed in popular destinations, within the city limits of Moscow, Paris, Beijing, Mexico City and London to name a few. But not only can audiences see the racing happen within their cities, they have the ability to be interactive with Formula E and vote on their favourite drivers. The 3 drivers who receive the most votes, receive a timed boost that adds 40bhp, giving those drivers the opportunity to win a race in the dying moments. The move has called for drivers to express charisma and flair within the racing world, with all drivers yearning to be a fan favourite.

A recent call has been made allowing fans to vote during the race, enabling them to make a better judgement no the race and potentially, who they’d think it would benefit the most.

The leap towards increased engagement has allowed the auto-racing motorsport to present itself in a way unique to any other; interactive. It’s allowed Formula E to rise quickly in way of publicity, not only due to the fact that the racing is eco-friendly but because after signing up an email address, members of the public have the ability to affect a live race.

The success of Formula E over the past 3 years has attracted increasing amounts of sponsorships from large companies such as Julius Baer, Visa Europe and Avis UK, and official partners including the likes of; Michelin, Tag Heuer, DHL, CNBC, 360 Racing and many more. It’s evident from the interest of such big companies, that there is a large amount of potential within Formula E to grow and to become a worldwide success.

Being such a mobile event, that can be situated in so many major cities, Formula E has potential to attract local businesses as well as international companies. Chief revenue officer, Sam Piccione III explained that in its second year, Formula E was able to experience “95% growth in sponsorship and hospitality sales and have subsequently had 40 times more commercial conversations year on year heading into season three”.

As Formula E progresses, with cars becoming faster and faster year on year, fans will hold a unique experience with FanBoost that will no doubt remain a focal point for the sport and be a USP for all new audiences. It has set the standard high for other innovative ideas to increase audience engagement, as other emerging sports look for new ways to build their fan base.