The Body Coach

Instagram Superstar: The Body Coach and his Rise to Success

The Body Coach, Joe Wicks has showcased the ability Social Media can have in gaining success.

Anyone who has been on social media will have heard about the latest sensation to hit our iPhones. Joe Wicks, better known as, The Body Coach took to Instagram to help build his status in the fitness world 3 years ago, presenting followers with quick and easy recipe ideas alongside a range of different fitness idea to ‘rescue people from the awful dieting industry’.

Fitness videos have been around for seemingly decades, but it seems the fitness guru has managed to tap into a large amount of the population and appeal to those of all ages. “At first I only had about 500 followers”, but at the moment his Instagram boasts over 1 million followers, all of which have helped him develop his name. An article in Independent suggests Wicks, makes over 1 million a month, and all down to the lucrative nature of social media.

His success across the digital landscape have lead to a range of endorsement deals from well-known brands such as underwear manufacturer Bjorn Borg, electrics business Phillips and famous rice brand Uncle Ben’s. His latest endeavour is the release of his first cookbook Lean in 15 which has earned himself a spot on the list of best-selling cookbooks of all time.

Feature Image Credit: The Body Coach